Munira Shahidi

I am working in the field of comparative literature/cultures studies, the ethics and aesthetics of which is crucially changing within the globalizing world. What is the core of globalizing literature and arts of the region, which gave the world human studies the scholars, like Ibn Sina (Avicenna), al-Biruni and al-Khorezmi and thousands of poets and musicians, among whom the name of Jelaliddin Rumi is foremost known wordily. How their ideas and thoughts were developing through the modern world and what are the ways of their coming back to the native land after that fantastic world  journey of the last millennium? What is contribution of CA in softening of the clash of the super-powers of the last century via the common system of science and education of the last century? What is known to-day about the arts of CA in Europe and the West, as a whole, and vice verse?

I was working in these issues for the decades and published a few books within the Tajik academia in collaboration with Russian AS. Two last decades I am a heard of the Z.Shahidi International Foundation for Culture. I am an independent, traveling expert in intercultural studies and activity. I am an author of a number of books, an editor in chief of the j. ‘Fonus’- international, intercultural study for peace and development. I have a fellowship of the Swedish Institute, Maison Science de l’homme and affiliated to Cambridge University. 

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